Flowertown Holiday gift guide for the traveling canna suer

Holiday gift guide for the traveling canna-suer

We gathered some items that you can gift your cannabis-friendly loved one, no matter what state they’re in.


FT Favorites: Three products to wow guests at your holiday party

It’s that time of the year again - holiday parties and ugly sweaters until we’re singing Auld Lang Syne. Spice up the gathering with some of these perfect products.

How a former celebrity publicist, Sarah ElSayed, found a new cause in cannabis

Holidays got you stressed? Chill out and keep your cool while you’re waiting for your Uber to LAX with these three products.

A congressional committee approved a cannabis legalization bill for the first time in American history. Find out what that means.

There’s no holiday like Thanksgiving to promote goodwill and good feelings. Take advantage of the holiday to come out green to your family.

We all know that Thanksgiving weekend is mostly full of eating, drinking, and then lying around. Here’s what to do between all that.

6 strains that’ll have you going back for seconds this Thanksgiving.

Flowertown 4 Takeaways from the US Senate hearing on marijuana and public health

4 Takeaways from the U.S. Senate hearing on marijuana and public health

Learn what health experts warned the U.S. Senate about cannabis and public health.

Flowertown A Sociologists Take On Cannabis Culture

A sociologist's take on cannabis culture

We spoke with Dr. Victor P. Corona about the rise of cannabis culture in Los Angeles.

Fast fashion isn’t in style. Check out some great alternatives that incorporate hemp and other sustainable materials.

The biggest basketball duos? Lebron and AD. Kawhi and PG. Harden and free throws. Cannabis and basketball.

Lace up your dirndls and dust off your lederhosens because Oktoberfest has arrived in Greater LA.

Aschenbrand’s journey from sneaking into comedy clubs and smoking blunts as a rebellious youth, to successful producer and comic.

Artist and founder of AACE, Ophelia Chong has her fingers in several pots that have changed the landscape of cannabis in California.

Hall of Flowers cannabis expo brought 200+ brands out to the crisp, sunny air of Santa Rosa for a banner weekend with the biggest names in

Where to find the remaining pristine skies in the American West

Get some dirt under your boots and stars in your eyes. Oh, and here’s which great products to bring with you.

Flowertown Americas first cannabis cafe opens in West Hollywood

America’s first cannabis cafe opens in West Hollywood

Find out what’s being served at America’s first cannabis restaurant.

One of the most well-known in Southern California, this pioneer dispensary sets the standard for cannabis retail.

While the Dodgers will - probably - get into the playoffs, there’s only a few more games guaranteed at home. Here’s our favorite ways to enjoy them.

Cannabis cuisine is the next frontier. We spoke with Tasty High Chef to find out more about which dishes benefit from a subtle infusion.

Learn how cannabis helps inspire couture latex designer Sonia Agostino’s line Tableaux Vivants

Italian journalist Alice Carbone speaks about her peculiar path through Hollywood, Hell’s Angels, motherhood, CBD and cooking.

Debra Borchardt has been in the cannabiz longer than most. We sat down to discuss how we can keep women on top in this industry’s everchanging financial landscape.

cinespa flowertown

Elevate your Cinespia experience with these product & screening pairings

There’s still time left to catch some incredible movies under the stars at this LA summer tradition. Check out the best products to pair with upcoming screenings.

Flowertown Five Great Secret California Swimming Holes

Five Great Secret California Swimming Holes

Trying to find the perfect swimming hole but want to avoid the crowds? So are we. Check our list for some great, secret options.

The Museum of Weed is now open in Los Angeles, turning the history of cannabis into a visual delight. Here’s what we learned.

Even with a lineup featuring Childish Gambino and Kacey Musgraves, the cannabis-legal Grass Lands 2.0 may have been the show-stealer

In Southern California, it’s not too late for festival season. Learn about some great upcoming options that can’t be missed.

It’s no surprise cannabis sales are up in the U.S. But exactly how much? Let’s just say, Taco Bell better watch its back.

With three years since legalization to work out the kinks, cannabis in LA looks sharper than ever. Which dispensaries do it best?

Now that cannabis is recreationally legal for adults, it’s time for parents to reevaluate the way they talk to their kids about it.

Flowertown From Counterculture to Corporate Cannabis in Music Festivals

From counterculture to corporate: cannabis in music festivals

Protest-focused festivals of old kept cannabis alive during its prohibition, but how does it fare in today’s music festival boom?

Flowrtown Making politics fun with new podcast Highly Political

Make politics fun with new podcast, Highly Political

If you're in need of friends to scream into the political void with--podcasters Tianna and Sam of Highly Political have your back.

CEO of the National Holistic Healing Center and Women Grow, Dr. Chanda Macias has shattered grass ceilings and serves as an inspiration for women in cannabis.

Blend your love of cannabis and instinct for design with these instagram accounts.

There’s a beautiful and authentic cannabis/taco combo hidden in the middle of the city, here’s how to find it.

It’s not the Ace, a national park, and it doesn’t have a pool--but this Joshua Tree oasis can’t be passed up.

Once a thriving coal town, Trinidad was on their last limb in Colorado. Now, they’re reliving their glory days thanks to a booming cannabis industry.

Sweet Flower’s Studio City location is perfectly situated for an afternoon of good product and good food.

Flowertown Guide to Your First Music Festival

Guide to your first music festival

It’s officially music festival season! Here are our tips for making sure your first foray into festivals is a good one.

Flowertown's pen to band pairing: Coachella edition

We all know Coachella can be wild and overwhelming. So get the most out of it by pairing the right vape pen with the best bands from our handy guide.

A love letter to the ritual of flower in the age of edibles and vapes

Cannabis culture has been a part of Venice, California for decades, but the dosist wellness experience is changing the game in more ways than one.

Rules around cannabis are changing every day--even at the office. Find out how some of the leading tech companies are adapting to change.

The benefits of cutting down on animal consumption takes up a whole CVS receipt. Try these vegan recipes so good you won’t crave a steak.

Cigars remain as one of the most enjoyed status symbols. And, as cannabis matures, so does its luxury market. Are cannagars worth it?

It is International Women’s Day! Check out the female-led brands shaping cannabis today.

Cigars remain as one of the most enjoyed status symbols. And, as cannabis matures, so does its luxury market. Are cannagars worth it?

What’s better than ramen? Homemade ramen, of course. What’s better than homemade ramen? Adding your favorite flower, of course.

With single-use plastic on its way out, it is time to start getting creative with all those old pre-roll containers lying around.

Flowertown cannabis stigma

Cannabis culture: How the plant’s stigma changed

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years yet the stigma still surrounds it that was created in the early 1930s. Find out how and why.

Flowertown A Tour of California and Nevadas Best Hot Springs

California and Nevada’s best hot springs

We took a tour of the best hot springs between the Gold and Silver states and, honestly, you should, too.

Morning routines are special times. Coffee brewing, bacon frying, hectic preparation for the day. Best way to elevate it? Cannabis.

Stigma be damned, cannabis users are some of the most productive people out there. Learn how it helps boost your own productivity.

It's been a few months now since Canada officially legalized cannabis. Here's your guide to exploring cannabis in Canada today.

Opulence isn’t just for oil barons and royalty. Check out some of the best cannabis accessories lots (and lots) of money can buy.

Galentine's Day is the best when you have tons of friends but making new ones is hard as you get older. Here are 3 ways to build your social circle.

Sometimes a staycation is enough to get you back into high gear. Find out how to feel like you just took a vacay without leaving LA.

Single isn’t a dirty word. Embrace the perks of solitude and let these products give you the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to yourself.

Looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day? Cannabis might be just what you need to make your home-cooked dinner date a true celebration.

The benefits of cutting down on animal consumption takes up a whole CVS receipt. Try these vegan recipes so good you won’t crave a steak.

Flowertown explains low and slow cannabis intake

Low & Slow: The importance of learning your dosage

I'm sure you've heard it thousands of times as the best advice for new users, but what does it actually mean? We explain some clear-cut ways to actually take it low and slow while you enjoy cannabis.

Responsible use isn’t an option, it’s a must

With recreational use now legal in a handful of states, it's a new era for who uses cannabis and when/how they choose to do so. But how does this apply to parents? Find out here.

Whether you're trying to be a rap mogul or just get everything done on your to-do list, here's 5 successful people who use cannabis to help inspire you.

Vegas is the city of lights, shows, and… cannabis? LA road trippers, let our guide show you the way.

The latest self-care trend meets an ancient one: learn where you can try your first CBD massage.

Wilted Japanese peace lillies. Dilapidated cacti. Oversaturated succulents. We know keeping a houseplant alive is hard. Here’s how to do it.

Don’t let your snack habits become bad habits. When you peer into that fridge, use this to train yourself to reach for the good stuff.

The latest self-care trend meets an ancient one: learn where you can try your first CBD massage.

We all know how New Years resolutions can fall apart before Valentine's Day rolls round. So we made a guide to show you how using cannabis can help.

This New Years can be different. No cliches, no nonsense--just 10 resolutions to a better you.

If your family hasn’t joined the green movement, we have a few ways to change their mind. Check out our holiday guide to dealing with a non-cannabis-friendly family.

Flowertown Does God like cannabis

God, cannabis, and changing minds

Known for its religious reputation, Utah shocked the nation when they legalized medical marijuana last November. Find out why this state welcomed cannabis.

Hop-infused cannabis beer

Hops & hemp: The arrival of cannabis-infused beer

Want to enjoy drinks with friends but avoid the day-killing hangover? With cannabis-infusions you can have your beer and drink it, too.

You know what’s cooler than one awesome New Year’s Eve? Two. Check out our guide to time travel and partying for your next NYE.

The best gifts blend common functionality with unique personal style, making lighters the perfect choice to stuff someone’s stocking this year.

It’s not secret cannabis is good for you now. That’s why every wellness company is infusing it. But which ones are actually worthwhile?

Recreational use may still be illegal, but that has not stopped business from thriving. Find out more about the state of cannabis in NYC today.

Staying in Los Angeles this holiday season? Take advantage of the extra days off and explore your own backyard with these adventures.

Looking for a new holiday classic? How about a set of pre-rolls? Take a gander at some recommended movies and brands for this holiday season.

What’s better than drinking beer with your pup? Not much. Find out which of your favorite breweries lets you do that right here in LA.

Microdosing has taken off with legalization. But what are some of the best activities to do during it? We got your list right here.

We know the wonders CBD can do for humans, but what about pets? Take a look at the best products for your furry, four-legged friends.

Cannabis is used by baby boomers

Is cannabis the next big thing for baby boomers?

Could cannabis be the new wonder drug for babyboomers?

Flowertown speaks on cannabis and alcohol

Cannabis & alcohol: To mix or not to mix?

We finally shed light on the age-old alcohol question. Learn more about whether you can have a drink or two while also enjoying cannabis.

We all need to take a little more me time to zen out, here’s how you can elevate yours by adding a bit of cannabis into it.

The Golden State has much more to offer than Sonoma and Napa county vineyards. Check out these lesser-known and just-as-gorgeous spots.

Does cannabis actually make you more creative? We examine a question mired by misunderstanding trying to improve our own ways of thinking.

No one wants to be something they aren’t because of something they enjoy. Fight the stigma against cannabis with these simple methods.

Gypsies, tramps, thieves and brewers? Right, Cher? This one is making waves in CA with unique style on his cans and in the brewery.

B&Bs aren’t what they used to be, that’s especially true in the flowering cannabis tourism sector, which gave rise to the new "bud & breakfast."

We've all had "the talk" before, but now that we're in a more educated and enlightened environment, how has it changed? Learn more about the best ways to talk to your teen about cannabis.

While some states may have accepted (and even leaned into) cannabis use, some stigma still remains. Learn how to open up and talk about using cannabis with your peers and loved ones.

Could cannabis be the new wonder drug for babyboomers?

Flowertown two bit circus

Two Bit Circus brings new worlds within LA city limits

Everyone needs an escape from reality every now and then. Two Bit Circus lets you use virtual reality to do just that.

Flowertown shows CBD helping family during Hurricane Florence

CBD saved my family:
Escaping Hurricane Florence

As Florence barrels down the East Coast, this woman was able to evacuate her family to safety with the help of a trusty CBD pen.

Don’t let desert vibes give you some autumnal woes. This region’s best-kept secret is apple picking to rival the best in New England.

After a half century of world domination, the days of single-use plastic is finally numbered

Leave no trace, especially of the stereotypical “stoner” stigma that plagues the cannabis community. Take a look how to do that here.

Despite its bad rep, pumpkin spice and cannabis contain many of the same terpenes that help fight inflammation, fatigue, and illness.

Adding cannabis to everyday items has become a trendy staple in the wellness market. Here are some of the weirder products out there.

If meal prep helps you save time and money during the week, then the process itself should do the same, right? We think so. Read how.

Like every product, cannabis has evolved and changed over time. Here’s a rundown of how the plant has adapted with the industry.

Take a trip back in time with LA’s oldest bowling alley, remodeled to pay homage to Prohibition-era roots with modern digs.

From Willie Nelson to Bob Marley, music and cannabis go hand in hand. But why do the two fit together so well? Take a look here.

Mike Tyson, yes THE Mike Tyson, is opening a cannabis resort in California and it’s, honestly, worth checking out.

What used to be summer is now “wildfire season” in CA. But as the blazes burn, how does that affect our beloved cannabis industry?

The conspicuous, childproof exit bags are taking a leave of absence from California dispensaries as new packaging rolls out.

Shaken, stirred, bubbly or neat. However you prefer your cocktails, make sure cannabis is part of the process.

Hosting a killer summer party? Kick it up a notch with some inspired cannabis infusions.

Looking for your next break from the real world? Check out this cannabis-friendly trip up the PCH. Pick your favorite or hit up all of them!