Flowertown Is yeast the future of cannabis

Is yeast the future of cannabis?

Beer, bread, wine... and cannabis? How researchers are using yeast to produce cannabinoids.


The 5 biggest takeaways from the CBD: Help or Hype panel

The best and brightest of cannabis settled the score on some of the biggest questions about CBD and we took notes for you

CBD may not get you high, but could it get you in trouble?

Figuring out your favorite dosage and method is key to enjoying THC. Here’s how.

The cannabis concentrates used to make your favorite edibles and oils are not created equal. Learn which to avoid and which to buy.

We know doctors recommend holding off on alcohol while taking antibiotics, but what do they saying about cannabis?

Find out why hemp-based CBD products are popping up across the country, while cannabis-derived products are still restricted to legalized states only.

There’s a difference between a Coors and a locally brewed craft beer. The same goes for cannabis. Find out why.

Flowertown The truth about terpenes

The truth about terpenes

Still confused about terpenes? Read how one Michigan grower breaks down the truth about terpenes.

The entourage effect: fact or fiction?

The entourage effect supposedly kicks into action when whole-plant cannabis extracts are consumed. But is there evidence to support it?

It’s time to get real with your doctor about using cannabis. Learn why and how from a Cedar-Sinai physician.

While you may not need to know the exact science of vapor pens in order to invest in one, it helps to learn the basics.

Cannabinoids may be hard to pronounce, but they are essential to your cannabis experience. Here’s why.

Part of our starter course on learning more about cannabis, we take a look at the happy and creative sativa.

Indica, hybrid, and sativa. One of the first things new consumers should do is familiarize themselves with the different types of cannabis and their potential effects.

Part of our starter course on learning more about cannabis, we break down what a hybrid is.

Your favorite plant and your favorite fruit share a lot in common. Learn the basic differences between the most popular terpenes.

It’s not just THC and CBD that gets the job done. Check out some other effective cannabinoids that are at play when you enjoy flower.

Taking too much is never a good time, but we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing tangible things you can do to help.

Flowertown explains Cannabidiol aka CBD

Cannabis 101: what is CBD?

CBD is having itself a moment right now, but what exactly is it? Budtender and expert, Lorry Amieva, gives you the rundown.

Flowertown explains THC as a component of medical cannabis

Cannabis 101: What is THC?

If you're new to cannabis, understanding the chemical compounds and how they work can really help elevate and personalize your experience. THC is one of the Big Two to learn about.

With how much cannabis has expanded, it can be dizzying for new consumers. We’ve made a quick guide to get you started.

Microdosing is a hugely popular practice in the cannabis field and for good reason. We break down the first steps to getting started.

Continuing on from part 1 of our microdosing line, we get into more detail on best practices and products.

Terpenes are the new black in the cannabis community. Take a look at what they are and how they play a major role in the way you enjoy cannabis.

The fastest, simplest, and most effective way to use cannabis also happens to be one of the oldest. Get back into vintage apothecary mode by using tinctures.

For new consumers, it is easy to get lost in the world of indicas, hybrids, and sativas. Check out what we consider to be the best strain for new consumers.

Topicals are solidifying a stronghold in the cannabis market by the day. Here’s our guide to this modern method of ingestion.

You’ve done your due diligence and made your decision: you want to give recreational cannabis a try. Here’s how.

Every wonder why different cannabis strains boast different scents and colors? The answer lies in the terpenes.

Flowertown explains low and slow cannabis intake

Low & Slow: The importance of learning your dosage

I'm sure you've heard it thousands of times as the best advice for new users, but what does it actually mean? We explain some clear-cut ways to actually take it low and slow while you enjoy cannabis.

Flowertown best strain for new consumers

What’s the best strain for newbies?

For new consumers, it is easy to get lost in the world of indicas, hybrids, and sativas. Check out what we consider to be the best strain for new consumers.

No one likes spending forty minutes in traffic, but this is LA. It’s inevitable. Make it worthwhile with a little help from hemp.

There’s a number of ways to enjoy cannabis that goes with your active lifestyle. If you’re an avid tea drinker, this one’s for you.

Imagine the relief and relaxation of a massage without the massage. Welcome to the world of cannabis creams, we’re glad to have you.

With cannabis recreationally legal it’s important to know the differences between a licensed, registered shop and a black market front.

Sativa, hybrid, and indica are the Holy Trinity of cannabis. For new consumers, it’s important to know what is what and who is who.

Tinctures aren’t just for Victorian-era apothecaries anymore. Have a look at the new era of cannabis tinctures as a smoking alternative.

Visiting a dispensary for the first time can be intimidating when, at it’s best, should be enjoyable. We’ll tell everything you need to know to make it that way.

How cannabis is grown can have a major impact on your experience. Get the rundown on indoor vs. outdoor and everything in between.

Don’t let your cannabis ripen like a bag of mixed greens. Follow these simple tips to keep your flower fresh.