Cannabis 101

Sleep tight with cannabinol

4 min read Cannabinol (CBN) is one of more than 100 known cannabinoids. We do a deep dive into this fascinating cannabinoid and discuss its therapeutic qualities.

Enhance the creative process with cannabis

4 min read Cannabis can get the creative juices flowing. Celebrated astrophysicists, tech geniuses and artists alike have all used weed to fire up their imaginations.

Attack of the munchies: why cannabis makes you hungry

4 min read Can cannabis trigger food cravings? Are you more likely to be overweight if you get high regularly? We look into the science behind the munchies.

CBG: the next CBD?

4 min read CBG is a minor cannabinoid that’s making waves in the cannabis world. Dr. J. Matthew Andry demystifies this unique cannabinoid.

Dry mouth after cannabis? Here’s why

3 min read Ever felt parched after smoking a joint? Flowertown spoke to cannabis expert Dr. Hervé Damas to learn more about the infamous cottonmouth, and how to avoid it.

Is yeast the future of cannabis?

3 min read Beer, bread, wine… and cannabis? How researchers are using yeast to produce cannabinoids.

The 5 biggest takeaways from the CBD: Help or Hype panel

4 min read The best and brightest of cannabis settled the score on some of the biggest questions about CBD and we took notes for you

Can CBD make you fail your drug test?

5 min read CBD may not get you high, but could it get you in trouble?

Cannabis 101: finding your dosage and method

7 min read Figuring out your favorite dosage and method is key to enjoying THC. Here’s how.

Is CBD actually bad for your liver? Yes and no

4 min read A recent study showed that mice suffered from liver failure after being given the highest dose of CBD. What does this mean for us?

Guide to cannabis concentrates and extraction

5 min read The cannabis concentrates used to make your favorite edibles and oils are not created equal. Learn which to avoid and which to buy.

The entourage effect: fact or fiction?

3 min read The entourage effect supposedly kicks into action when whole-plant cannabis extracts are consumed. But is there evidence to support it?