Cannabis 101

The truth about terpenes

3 min read Still confused about terpenes? Read how one Michigan grower breaks down the truth about terpenes.

The rise of craft hemp

3 min read There’s a difference between a Coors and a locally brewed craft beer. The same goes for cannabis. Find out why.

Can I use cannabis on antibiotics?

4 min read We know doctors recommend holding off on alcohol while taking antibiotics, but what do they saying about cannabis?

Hemp versus cannabis

4 min read Find out why hemp-based CBD products are popping up across the country, while cannabis-derived products are still restricted to legalized states only.

How to talk cannabis with your doctor

3 min read It’s time to get real with your doctor about using cannabis. Learn why and how from a Cedar-Sinai physician.

Demystifying vapor pens

4 min read While you may not need to know the exact science of vapor pens in order to invest in one, it helps to learn the basics.

A practical guide to terpenes: What they are and how they help you

4 min read Your favorite plant and your favorite fruit share a lot in common. Learn the basic differences between the most popular terpenes.

Cannabis 101: other cannabinoids

3 min read It’s not just THC and CBD that gets the job done. Check out some other effective cannabinoids that are at play when you enjoy flower.

What are terpenes?

3 min read Every wonder why different cannabis strains boast different scents and colors? The answer lies in the terpenes.

Holiday gift guide for cannabis newbies

4 min read Our holiday gift guide has the four essential items every first-timer needs. For good measure, we threw in six stocking stuffers.

More than just smoke and mirrors: how topicals can help you get the benefits of cannabis

2 min read Topicals are solidifying a stronghold in the cannabis market by the day. Here’s our guide to this modern method of ingestion.

How to enjoy your first recreational cannabis experience

5 min read You’ve done your due diligence and made your decision: you want to give recreational cannabis a try. Here’s how.