More than just smoke and mirrors: how topicals can help you get the benefits of cannabis

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

More than just smoke and mirrors: how topicals can help you get the benefits of cannabis

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Topicals have historically been used to relieve physical pain in a localized area. Often non-psychoactive, they’re applied externally and absorbed into the skin for a specific therapeutic effect.

Topicals are the obvious choice for someone looking to cannabis to heal any pain, inflammation, and soreness in an area. For instance, THC-infused and THCa topicals (particularly in the form of transdermal patches) are a popular choices among athletes after a tough workout or injury.

Beyond pain relief, there are a fast-growing number of products on the market today that push the boundaries of how topicals are used and understood. From lip balm to lubricant, recreational topical options are endless, growing, and waiting for you to explore.

Flowertown No Smoking Required Topicals

For instance, topical brands have found their way into the bedroom within the past few years, offering lubricants that tingle and massage oils that stimulate. Just add a candle and some rose petals, then let the cannabis do its work.

Topicals have also become “ladies’ choice” when it comes to that time of the month. Brands such as Whoopi Goldberg’s, Whoopi & Maya line offers topical products geared “specifically for relief from menstrual comfort.” There are also a number of recipes available online to make your own cannabis infused salves, lotions, balms, and oils.

Like tinctures, we recommend topicals to those who want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the mind altering effects. While there is a general guarantee that topicals will not deliver psychoactive effects because they do not enter the bloodstream, new products are coming out everyday that are redefining those terms.

Flowertown No Smoking Required Topicals

Transdermal patches, for instance, will enter the bloodstream and therefore could deliver cerebral effects if the THC content is high enough. As always, be clear on what you are looking for from your topical selection and discuss it with your budtender to find what is right for you.


Rub a small amount of topical solution to specific area(s) of body.


Felt within 5 minutes – 1 hour, dissipates after several hours.


Sustained, full day effects, great for localized pain, won’t give strong psychoactive effects.


Not suggested for consumers looking for traditional, psychoactive effects.

Regardless of which method you’re going for – be it topicals, tinctures, or just the classic flower – new consumers should read up on microdosing to ensure you don’t overdo your first time. As you explore cannabis in any form, be sure to do so with care and precision.