Cannabis 101

Sativa, hybrid & indica: What’s what?

6 min read Sativa, hybrid, and indica are the Holy Trinity of cannabis. For new consumers, it’s important to know what is what and who is who.

Cannabis 101:
The what & why of microdosing Part 1 of 2

3 min read Microdosing is a hugely popular practice in the cannabis field and for good reason. We break down the first steps to getting started.

Cannabis 101:
The when & how of microdosing
Part 2 of 2

3 min read Continuing on from part 1 of our microdosing line, we get into more detail on best practices and products.

Smoking or non-smoking? More ways to enjoy cannabis than ever before

2 min read Remember walking into a TGIF in 2001 and the hostess asking, “Smoking or non-smoking?” This is cannabis’ better, cleaner version.

What are cannabinoids?

3 min read Cannabinoids may be hard to pronounce, but they are essential to your cannabis experience. Here’s why.