Cannabis 101:
The when & how of microdosing
Part 2 of 2

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101:
The when & how of microdosing
Part 2 of 2

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Now that legalization (and subsequent regulation) is upon us, microdosing has never been easier. While starting small is nothing new, microdosing has recently become more popular due to the accessibility of reliable dosage and ingredient information that didn’t exist before.

Cannabis brands have exacted their ability to measure dosage, giving way to an ever-expanding world of measuring and calculating microdosing methods.

That lets us, as consumers, specifically decide when and how we microdose, giving us the freedom to control our usage as much – or as little – as we please.


When to microdose  

For active cannabis users, microdosing is the best way to ensure daytime benefits without the heavy buzz that gets in the way of the day-to-day. Many cannabis microdosers tend to feel more functional and focused; the small amount of THC relieves daily anxiety and stress that can mire productivity.

Without having to navigate through the murky waters of psychoactivity, your mind can be freed to continue your day with clarity. In essence, a microdose is perfect for cannabis lovers who believe a little goes a long way.

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From techies to creatives, everyone is hopping on the micro-wagon. This is because microdosing isn’t just for the new consumer who might not know their sensitivity to cannabis yet.  Medically speaking, microdosing is perfect for those looking for specific desired effects from cannabis, not an overall high.

A microdose is similar to a pharmaceutical prescription in that it delivers exact effects that can be predictable and consistent. For this reason, anyone interested in cannabis could benefit from measuring out a small, precise dose to take throughout the day.

How to microdose  

While microdosing only sprouted onto the scene around 2016, it has evolved into an entire market with tons of products specifically designed for the practice.

Most microdose products contain 2mg, 5mg, or 10mg of THC. From medical vaporizer pens that vibrate when you have an exact dose, to tinned mints with 2 mg of THC – there are countless ways to enjoy the benefits. Visit your local dispensary to learn more about the best products to go with.

No matter what method you use, the most important part of microdosing is listening to your body and learning its relationship to cannabis.

An individual’s reaction to flower is just that – individual and unique. The best part about microdosing is that it requires you to be mindful of your consumption and its effects. When microdosing, just remember: Start small, slow down, and listen to your body.

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While the concept is relatively simple, the cultural magnitude of microdosing is more far-reaching than you might think. Microdosing represents a shift in the paradigm and a new level of sophistication with cannabis consumption.

Long gone are the days of special brownies, unpredictably (and unbearably) potent with every bite. The world of cannabis has evolved to fit everyday needs and preferences.

Now, cannabis is available in tiny doses in everything from lemonade to BBQ sauce and can be incorporated into every activity from yoga to high-performance, ultra-marathon training. This makes the practice of microdosing an effective addition to an already vibrant and healthy lifestyle.