What if I take too much?

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

What if I take too much?

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We’ve all been there. A nice evening with friends turns into a trip down your own personal not-so-funhouse of anxiety and paranoia, all because a little flower at a party turned into way too much flower at a party.  

A supposedly fun thing becomes spending two hours in bed, trying to calm yourself down by watching that scene from The Office where Kevin spills the chili over and over again. Of course, it never works because that’s not actually what to do when you ingest too much cannabis.  

But what is the right thing to do? 

We sat down with our favorite budtender and doctor to help you formulate a plan of action for what to do if you ever find yourself in that situation again.  

Lorry Amieva, Budtender & Cannabis Entrepreneur 

So taking too much definitely happens. Nobody likes it, most of us have done it.  

But when you take too much, just drink water and lay down. Sometimes taking a shower helps, just to calm your mind and calm your body.  

But, more importantly, you can help counteract the negative effects of taking too much THC by taking a little bit of CBD. Having CBD on hand, if you’re trying edibles or trying a stronger dose of edibles for the first time, can definitely be beneficial for bringing down a high if it’s too intense.  

CBD products are being sold throughout the US. You can’t usually find them in most large retailers yet, but you can find them in smoke shops, you can find them at juice bars, some convenience stores. Smaller markets might have CBD products. 

But generally, water and rest. Also, eat something!

Dr. Adam Kowalek, MD, Cedars Sinai 

There really isn’t any cure for a cannabis overdose.  

I have seen things marketed that may or may not be effective, but there’s no clinical prescription or medication that can help with overdose (besides CBD).  

Really, it’s just a tincture of time.  

That means that if someone comes into the emergency room and they had overdosed the process really is just to wait and see. Take care of them and monitor them until they’re feeling well enough to go home. 

Guide for taking too much cannabis

Wrapping up  

While simply waiting may not feel like the most proactive way to reduce the high, it’s the most proven method so to speak. But, one of the best ways to ensure you never get to this point, is to start low and slow when working out your dosages.  

Microdosing is increasing in popularity by the day and for good reason. It’s a practice that’s suited to avoiding this situation while also maintaining the benefits of cannabis.  

Through products like these specially maintained edibles or vapes that let you know when you’ve had a certain amount, you’ll be able to enjoy cannabis without the risk of having to carry CBD like an EpiPen every time you enjoy some flower.