Cannabis 101:
A beginners’ guide to cannabis shopping

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101:
A beginners’ guide to cannabis shopping

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With renewed interest in cannabis use since its increasing legalization, novice users and old-pros alike are now able to reap the plant’s benefits like never before.  

As the market is legalized (and stabilizes), it grows and expands exponentially. With that, there are now pre-rolls, vaporizers, vape pens, topical oils, tinctures, edibles, and just good ole flower.  

All of which can be overwhelming to both new consumers, and those who have gotten their trusted flower from a guy who knows a guy who lives in a trailer somewhere near Venice Beach.  

But for those looking to elevate their cannabis consumption with premium brands and better products, we took a minute to recommend some best tips and tricks to navigate the growing industry and get the most out of your relationship with the wonderful plant.  

Flowertown guide for buying legal cannabis

Look for lab-tested products 

This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when buying a cannabis product.  

All consumable agriculture should be lab-tested before it makes it into the hands of the consumer. Like all plants, cannabis absorbs pretty much everything around it during growth and cultivation. When harvested, lab scientists test to make sure there is no mold or other toxic elements that have made it unsafe to consume. 

Scientists also measure the marijuana’s potency.  

They do this by looking at the cannabinoid content, primarily for the two most cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Different strains carry different ratios and knowing how much of one or the other is in your product will indicate what kind of effects it has.  

Sealed products usually indicate if they’ve been tested in a lab and also list the THC:CBD ratio, so make sure that where you purchase your product takes the time to properly seal the product and inform you of its contents.  

Flowertown guide for buying legal cannabis

Strains are not the same everywhere you go 

If traditional flower is more your mojo, then know that what you see isn’t always what you get.  

Some dispensaries sell pre-measured flower in pre-sealed packaging, while others have flower in bulk that they will measure out in front of you.  

In these cases, you want to ask your budtender if what you’re getting has been tested in a lab. Most budtenders are helpful in knowing the origins of your product and what specific effects each strain provides, so never be afraid to ask questions! 

The dispensary you go to should only carry safe, tested products that pass all inspections.  

That being said, curiosity can only help you learn more about the plant and what you want out of it. Feel free to ask your budtender where any product comes from, what it was tested for and even its results.  

If they don’t know the answers, or can’t point you to where they would be available, it may be time to find a new dispensary.  

Flowertown guide for buying legal cannabis

A little research goes a long way 

As you can see, there are important things to consider before you make your first purchase, not only for the quality of your product but also for your general safety.  

The cannabis industry is responsible for providing safe, quality products, but consumers should also have a responsibility to know what they’re buying.  

This is why it’s so important to ask your budtender questions. Because although your first dispensary experience can be a daunting one, it’s important to know what they’re talking about when they try to inform you of these things.  

Start out by learning some more basics, such as what are THC and CBD, what an indica is versus a sativa. That should get you ready to go and ready to explore the new great space that cannabis has grown into.