Cannabis Cream: The painkiller you’ve been waiting for

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Cannabis 101

Cannabis Cream: The painkiller you’ve been waiting for

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Joint pain is a common and unfortunate reality for individuals facing arthritis and tendonitis. Physical pain can drag down moods and inhibit both athletic and mental performance.  

But rather than load up on NSAIDs or ibuprofen, new cannabis-infused medications have been developed to help treat joint pain using natural and more holistic methods. The most common of which is cannabis oil cream. 

Cannabis helps alleviate ourselves of joint pain by suppressing the proinflammatory cytokines that are released when our bodies get damaged.  

For example, when arthritis sets in, the joints grind against themselves, which is just as painful as it sounds. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to this, but by suppressing those proinflammatory cytokines you get the sweet pain relief you’ve been looking for. 

Using a topical application helps deliver targeted relief where you need it. Many people who use cannabis oil on their joints find the pain not only reduced, but the damage actually reversed. So rather than just suppressing the symptoms, cannabinoids help the body treat the actual issue.  

Today we’ll walk through some of the basics and best practices for including cannabis creams in your daily life, which can include everything from just stiffness and soreness, to recovering from sports and activity-related injuries.  


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How to use a topical cream to alleviate joint pain 

Well, without running the risk of being too simplistic, you apply topical creams to the skin above the joint that’s giving you problems.  

Studies have shown that transdermal applications of cannabis creams (read: putting them on your skin) is quite effective. This method also helps reduce pain and inflammation directly on that spot and may last longer than it would if you took an oral supplement.  

Promoting the natural healing processes 

The use of the cream not only stimulates pain relief but also encourages a natural healing process. Your body already has cannabinoid receptors in it, by using the flower you help engage those instinctive, natural systems to heal your body.  

Also, the effects will “bioaccumulate” and grow stronger over time, which means it works better the longer and more consistently you use it. This allows your body to assimilate and effectively process all of the nutrients and extend the time the cream will help you. 

Pros and cons of cannabis creams for joint pain 


  • Easy to use 
  • Safe – less risk of overuse 
  • Bioaccumulates at low levels, so if you miss a dose you’re okay 


    • Takes time to show effects 
    • May be difficult to obtain quality creams in some areas 

Cannabis cream – more than just joint pain 

Using these creams comes naturally to most people. We recommend you talk to your doctor to make sure the active ingredients won’t interfere with any other joint pain medicines or surgical operations in your near future. While rare, interactions do exist. 

Most of the creams you will find on the market can be used multiple times a day. Additionally, the moisturizing effect helps increase skin elasticity and hydrate your body, which means they’re useful to your overall health regardless of where you apply them. 

In fact, studies that the use of cannabis creams can even help prevent nerve damage where applied. For people using them on their knees, ankles, and feet, this may help delay neuropathy and help you get around better. 

As part of the daily regimen, cannabis oil creams can help stimulate your body to begin the healing process and prevent further damage. Be sure to choose quality ingredients from reputable, trusted sources to avoid any potential complications any medical complications that could arise from less regulated brands. 

As you enter into the cannabis area, it’s important to do your research on what is considered trusted, safe, and regulated brands and products and what is, essentially, a scam or gimmick.  

To get started on that research, take a look at more cannabis-infused creams and health products to find out which may be best for you and your body.