Survive the holidays with a non-green family



Survive the holidays with a non-green family

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Oh, the holidays. It’s either your favorite time of year or worst. It’s a season that comes with spending family, eating great food and showing appreciation to the people you love. Or it’s a dreaded experience filled with questions about your relationship status and your recent job change. Not saying you don’t love your ten cousins or grandpa’s old jokes about his childhood, but you’d prefer the experience with cannabis. Unfortunately, your family is super conservative and considers the now legalized (in most states) plant to be comparable to its old connotation.

Consider navigating holiday dinner by sharing your background on using the flower. Opening up the conversation will create a safe space for your family members to learn about cannabis.

Flowertown Survive the holidays with a non green family


You don’t want to negate your family’s opinions, but you also want to offer an alternate view. Think about the impact cannabis has had on your life. Has it helped you manage stress? Does it help you enjoy music, travel, or fitness more? If so, this is the perfect time to share your testimonial!

If you aren’t ready to open up about your journey, consider talking about a friend who you know has had tremendous results from using cannabis. Using stories of celebrities or doctors who advocate legalization like Dr. Oz is also another way to bring a credible source into the debate.

Flowertown Survive the holidays with a non green family


Cannabis has come a long way from being called “mary jane” or “bud.” The medicinal benefits are included in numerous studies that report cannabis helps to reduce chronic pain to stress or anxiety relief. Discussing the facts about cannabis and addressing the recent states that have legalized — for example, Michigan is the latest state to legalize — will help combat the stigma.

Also, think of a family member that is suffering from an illness. Do a little research before family dinner so that you can share facts about pertaining to their issue and be prepared to answer any questions.


So, you’ve piqued the interest of a cousin or two (be sure they’re of age). What next? If they are comfortable and ready to give cannabis a try, offer an experience. As a family member, you can create a safe space for them. First, try walking them through what to expect based on your own experience.

Next, you can share all of the options available to them. From infused drinks or foods, CBD:THC topicals and concentrates, providing a list of choices can also make them more comfortable.

You are introducing them to the ‘best fit’ for themselves.

There are so many positives to cannabis that you’ll have a strong arsenal to bring to the annual “anti-cannabis” debate. Even if they don’t change their mind, you’ve at least shared some cool benefits of cannabis!