Cannabis is better for your productivity than you may think



Cannabis is better for your productivity than you may think

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Cheech and Chong, Reefer Madness, Jeff Spicoli … none of these pop culture icons scream employee of the month.

For decades, cannabis has been portrayed in film, music, and after-school PSAs as the fast train to slackerdom. But just as not all liquor is alike — nobody ever mistook a shot of Fireball for a glass of  Château Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux — you can’t paint all cannabis with the same cannabinoid brush.

And new research, along with anecdotal evidence, suggests that some cannabis strains can actually increase productivity.

Flowertown How Cannabis Actually Boosts Productivity

Tell me more…

It all comes down to Cannabis 101 chemistry.

There are two main types: indica and sativa. Generally speaking, indica strains are believed to be more sedating (think: a nice port) while sativas tend to have a more invigorating effect (think: a spicy margarita).

There are also hybrids which fall somewhere in between, depending on their parent strains. So if you pick a strain that provides some energy, it can help production.

Obviously, everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique to them, so finding the strain that gives you the best boost will likely require a little experimentation.

Flowertown How Cannabis Actually Boosts Productivity

To each their own

Then there is the matter of perception; production can mean different things to different people.

To Ford Motor Company, it means how many cars come off the assembly line. To a tech company, it can mean coming up with the next hit video game. The difference between the two companies is the amount of creativity needed.

Creative-based production would seem to especially benefit from a cannabis boost.

In 2012, Psychology Today reported on a study that suggested cannabis increases our ability to connect concepts that are apparently unrelated—another way of saying it helps people think outside the box.

Proponents also say cannabis helps them focus better on the task at hand.

Flowertown How Cannabis Actually Boosts Productivity

Successful studies in cannabis & careerism

There’s more science to back it up. Marijuana can increase dopamine, the brain’s pleasure and reward chemical. And research has found a link between increased dopamine and increased motivation and productivity.

There is also some intriguing tangential anecdotal evidence. BD Analytics conducted a survey that compared income, professional achievements, and overall happiness between participants who used cannabis and those that didn’t.

The results showed that the average income for marijuana users in California was $93,800 compared to $75,900 for those who reject it completely.

And percentage of respondents who held a master’s degree was higher among users.

Lastly, 64 percent of cannabis users were happy with their jobs, while only 54 percent of abstainers were. It has long been known that happy workers are more productive workers, something companies like Microsoft, Google, and Disney have used to bolster their innovation and bottom line.

So next time you’re looking to spend Saturday cleaning the house, or when your to-do list starts to feel a little long, rather than jack yourself up on caffeine, consider cannabis instead. Take a look at how you can micrdose with a vape pen to ensure that your productivity stays high and your mind stays clear.