FT Favorites: the best products for your Sunday football game



FT Favorites: the best products for your Sunday football game

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Fall is creeping in and summer is fading away, so you know what that means. Oh, yes. It’s football season. No matter who your gridiron favorites are – or whether you prefer college to pro – football games are typically one of two things: completely social or pretty solo.

So we’ve put together a list of our favorite products for each kind of game day experience. Whether you’re having your friends over for BBQ and wings or hoping for Hail Marys alone and with a face mask on, we’ve got you covered.

Party Products

When it comes to social situations, pre-rolls are the best for a couple reasons. Firstly, the nostalgia of passing one around with friends is warmly remembered and embraced; it’s a familiar practice. Secondly, the packs make it convenient to monitor consumption and also efficient for opening and using. For a football party we recommend:

Henry’s Original

You’ll be sure to wow your guests with the high quality packaging, branding, and cannabis. Because each pre-roll comes in its own tube with a cork stopper, you don’t have to worry about whether you plan on finishing a pre-roll or not. Simply put it in and close it up with the cork, like a bottle of white wine in the fridge. This makes Henry’s one of the more convenient pre-rolls on the market and perfect for passing around during those lengthy commercial breaks.


Caliva Toasties

Easy to use, casual, and convenient, these pre-rolls are great for sharing amongst good friends. While they may not have the wow factor of Lowell’s, they have a nice classic look and are made from high-quality cannabis, making them a perfect half-time treat or something to do other than curse your fantasy team.

Solo Sunday Morning Products

Sometimes it’s nice to put on your favorite team’s sweatpants, make your favorite comfort food and enjoy a game in the privacy, quiet, and comfort of your own home. No bar tab you weren’t expecting, no crazy Sunday Funday, and no diet-busting chili and barbecue. Here are favorite products for watching the big game on your own terms:

Terra Espresso Bites

If you’re like us on the west coast, these football games can happen a bit too early for our tastes. So to supplement the first half coffee, why not munch on one of these delicious, chocolate-covered espresso beans while you enjoy the game at your own pace on your own couch. While you may not be able to elevate your wide receiver for the touchdown grab, you can elevate your solo football experience.


Atlas Ember

These granola clusters and delicious and strong. At 20mg THC each, we recommend chopping up the cluster as much as you can. But, that being said, this healthy snack is a nice reprieve from the chicken wings and beer while also getting a nice little buzz on so you can cheer on your favorite team without the worry of being peer pressured into BBQ and Coors Light.

While some may think that cannabis and sports don’t mix, we beg to differ. Cannabis has been proved to aid with athletic achievement, just ask these ultra-runners. And while football may be only one part of your Sunday, odds are you might have a pilates appointment or a climbing session planned as well, which cannabis can be quite effective for.