Hops & hemp: The arrival of cannabis-infused beer



Hops & hemp: The arrival of cannabis-infused beer

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Between TexMex and Thai Fusion, it’s not hard to find a market where the combination of two great ingredients is used to make both better. Beer and cannabis is no exception to that inevitability.

The big question on everyone’s mind, though, is whether the merger belongs in the same category as peanut butter and jelly, or orange juice and toothpaste. We’re holding out hope for the former and the results, so far, seem to be in favor. 

Hops, hemp & science

One spring of hope stems from the fact that hops and hemp are actually quite close to each other in terms of chemical composition. Therefore, from a purely scientific perspective, it does make at least some sense to incorporate cannabis into beer.

But is this just a gimmick product, or will cannabis-infused beer pass its own sobriety test?

From what can be seen in the market, there has been considerable emphasis on quality production. Taste testers and chemical engineers have teamed up to learn about the unique aromatics and flavors of CBD and hemp, and how to best infuse those qualities into beer.

So far, the results are encouraging, with the biological similarities of hops and hemps brewing up some delicious flavors.

Furthermore, at least one brewery has found a way to offer drinks that promise pleasant intoxication without the alcohol-fueled headache the next day. These booze-free beers could well prove to be popular, thanks to their low calories and short, painless buzz.

Additionally, many other drinks do not contain THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. The hemp extract simply adds the taste of cannabis to the drink and the pleasurable effects of CBD.

Cannabis-infused beer

Happy & hoppy

Of course, beer that does contain THC will soon hit the market via Keith Villa, the man who created Blue Moon.

These brews will be formulated using cannabis chemicals, including THC and CBD.

Brewed until it becomes a top-quality craft beer, the alcohol will be removed before adding the cannabis.

The end product should create that familiar euphoria cannabis offers you with the refreshment of a cold brew. Be on the lookout for when it launches in late 2018.

So does this mean cannabis beer is the next big thing? Obviously, only time can tell, but it’s certainly a compelling drink and a great alternative to alcohol, as well as an excellent way to add a nice twist to a great summer party.

Plus, it offers you a more social way to enjoy cannabis; you can drink it anywhere at anytime instead of measuring out edibles or finding the privacy to smoke.

At any rate, cannabis-infused brews warrant at least light-hearted experimenting so you can sate your curiosity without the nasty hangovers. The medical benefits alone are worth exploring how to add cannabis to your food or drinks.

You can enjoy it in a nice cup of tea, eat it up at high-class Japanese restaurant, or even try some of the reported aphrodisiac effects with your significant other.