Cannagars: is the luxury product worth its weight in flower?



Cannagars: is the luxury product worth its weight in flower?

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The price points on luxury products are funny things.

Take cigars, for example. A Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve cigar will set you back $750. Sure, the wrappers are aged for 15 years and the filler is infused with Louis XIII cognac, but at the end of the day, no one who buys a His Majesty’s Reserve cigar believes that the price tag is justified by the product. They buy them to say they did.

At hundreds of dollars a pop it’s more about the status symbol than the cigar – however exquisite the cigar in question might be. You could make the same argument for pricey wines, luxury cars, and designer clothes.

Is it any wonder that cannabis is trying to tap into those sweet luxury market dollars, too?

Enter the cannagar

A cannabis cigar-like blunt. Cannagars contain ground up flower, often supplemented with a little concentrated THC.

They’re rolled in marijuana leaves, which gives them the distinct green coloring that visually sets them apart from a traditional, tobacco cigar. And they retail anywhere from $100 to $3,600.

And by all accounts, they’re very, very good. Take the $420 Leira Corona. The six-inch-long, 42-gage cannagar contains 12 grams of organic flower from Gold Leaf Gardens.

Leering over Leiras

The flower is packed around a small dowel, which is later removed, leaving behind a tiny hollow core that ensures an even burn. The flower is coated in a solvent-free resin to give it a little extra punch. Then they’re hand-rolled in marijuana leaves and cured for at least a month.

The end result is a potent, smooth cannagar that lasts up to six hours.

That’s a good, long time spent smoking, and this is really where cannagars begin to (if they can) justify their price tag. Cannagars are easy to share, even with a room full of people. And their sophisticated, elegant look makes them the picture perfect thing to puff and pass at weddings or other formal parties. Leira really leans into this aspect.

But is that level of high society imagery worth $420? Maybe. After all, what are luxury products for if not to commemorate special occasions like marriages, births, anniversaries, and promotions?

Plenty of people, and not just the ludicrously wealthy, will pick up a bottle of good champagne or a box of cigars to share with their friends and family when they have something to celebrate.

A cannagar like a Gold Leaf Leira or a Las Vegas Rose Gar is just one more way to share joy with your friends and, yes, throw a little cash around. So maybe it’s not really worth the money, but sometimes it’s worth spending it anyway.

And if cigars aren’t your thing, that’s not a problem. The amount and variety of high quality products in cannabis is growing everyday.

If you enjoy the smoke but not the potency of a cannagar, try a premium pre-roll. If that’s not your thing, try a nice, smooth vape to pass around with you and your friends.