Long lasting lighters for everyone on your gift list



Long lasting lighters for everyone on your gift list

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As the holidays approach this year, eco-friendly gift ideas are more popular than ever. With lighters populating landfills, consider gifting longer lasting alternatives this holiday season. Investing in a lighter is a small way to help the environment, and because lighters are a part of most cannabis consumers’ arsenal, they also prove a useful go-to gift for almost anyone on your list.

A Classic Lighter

We’d be remiss not to start off with the classic and timeless Zippo. Affordable, sleek, refillable, and customizable, a well-chosen Zippo will be met with joy and gratitude. Depending on the recipient, you can choose a classic chrome, an eye-catching matte color, or even get one engraved. Just don’t forget the lighter fluid!

A Table Lighter for Hosts With The Most

Veteran lighter company, Vector, wows with this minimalist desktop lighter. Sturdy and sleek, this butane lighter already comes in a gift box, ready to make someone’s day.

Go Butane Free

Who needs any kind of lighter fluid when you have Green Jay’s Pre-roll Lighter? This little rechargeable disk is completely windproof and looks more stylish than the popular Tesla Coil Lighter.

A Premium Lighter

Has someone been extra nice this year? Treat them to a stunning Colibri Julius lighter. It comes in nine different finishes, has two butane flames, and offers an adjustable flame height.

A Super Luxurious Lighter

We all know money talks. Go ridiculously big or go home with this gold encrusted conversation starter. Show someone how much you care by dropping this S.T. Dupont Ligne lighter into their stocking this year.

Lighter Covers for Those Who Bought Bic In Bulk

Each day, Bic sells around 6 million disposable lighters around the world. Know anyone who still has countless disposable lighters lying around? Bic covers can elevate their look and add functionality. These cases include a spool of hemp wick that juts out by the fuel flame so you can skip the butane flavor. Wick Light makes these covers for mini Bics while Hemplights caters to the regular sized Bic lighters.