Exit bags take a leave for new packaging



Exit bags take a leave for new packaging

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While California may have found a way to get rid of all plastic bags from grocery stores, the same isn’t entirely true for the cannabis sector yet.  

Of course, not being federally accepted puts certain aspects of the industry decades behind, the waste management and packaging section is still playing catch-up and doing what it can with what dispensaries and brands are allowed to do. 

So if you’ve been to your local dispensary lately, you probably noticed a change in how you carry your cannabis home.  

The notoriously difficult to open exit bags have left the building in exchange for childproof packaging on individual products. 

Why the change? 

Though it might seem sudden, this is no surprise to anyone in the marijuana industry.  

As California gets its sea legs with recreational use, manufacturers and dispensaries have enjoyed some wiggle room when it comes to packaging.  

Traditional cannabis packaging was still allowed as long as all products were sealed in the notorious child- (and, let’s be honest, sometimes adult-) proof bags. 

Of course, once you get home, your pre-rolls, topicals, and edibles are promptly removed, where they are easily accessible to kids. As part of various regulations that went into effect on July 1, 2018, this will no longer be an issue. 

Flowertown medical cannabis bags and packaging

Why is this great news? 

Now, everything from your flower to your tinctures comes with familiar child-proof tops (think about your run-of-the-mill pain reliever) that also provide some type of seal.   

These seals, now the burden of the manufacturer, help you know if your cannabis has been tampered with. In fact, the only way your dispensary can alter packaging is by affixing a “medical use only” sticker. 

In addition to keeping small kids out of your marijuana and knowing your cannabis has been sealed for freshness and quality from the source, you can also finally stop stockpiling those plastic, Rubik’s cube bags.  

Much like your grocery totes, you probably forgot your exit bags at least once when going to replenish your flower. Since they often have some cannabis branding on them, these bags were hardly inconspicuous items to keep in your car, bag, or at work.  

Instead of broadcasting your purchase (or intent to purchase), you can now just get discreet packaging that easily slips into a bag of your choice.  

Flowertown cannabis jar bags discrete weed

How to put your own spin on it 

Whether you have kids at home or you just like having aesthetic authority over your gear, there’s a sleek container just waiting to securely stow your precious cargo.  

Flowertown cannabis jar bags discrete weed

The Apothecarry Case is a one-stop, combination-locked shop for your flower and any little accessories. With four glass jars (complete with humidity lids and rewritable labels), a grinder, a small tray, and an elegant dab wand, this case will easily elevate your cannabis storage. 

Flowertown cannabis jar bags discrete weed

For discreet storage of your favorite flower strain, look no further than CVault’s medium-sized storage tin. The humidity lid keeps your cannabis fresh while the external clamps deter tiny hands. 

Flowertown cannabis jar bags discrete weed

If you like clear vessels (which you are hopefully storing in the dark), try a Prepara Evak. These little glass containers create an airtight seal that requires some grown-up hand muscles. For something less fragile, a plastic version by OXO sports a stainless steel lid. 

Flowertown cannabis jar bags discrete weed

Looking for something more innocuous for, say, your vanity? Mod Storage offers not one, but two secret storage compartments in this chic globe mirror: The cylinder base and within the globe itself. The only real choice you have to make is whether to get it in red or white. 

Flowertown cannabis jar bags discrete weed

But how do you keep your cannabis away from prying eyes and noses on-the-go? The Stashlogix Silverton Case has you covered with its include odor-absorbing packet and gasket seal. Plus, a built-in combination lock adds protection from older and younger kids alike. 

Even if you’ve properly stored your flower in a child-proof (or at least discreet) container, talking to your kids about your own cannabis use is a new reality. While the days of swearing it off as someone else’s may be a tired, juvenile method, being open and honest about the benefits of cannabis is wired and ready to go. Check out family therapist Melissa Brohner-Schneider’s advice on how to handle this touchy subject.