Elevate your Cinespia experience with these product & screening pairings



Elevate your Cinespia experience with these product & screening pairings

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Cinespia is one of those heralded LA staples. While it may not have the lasting years of something like Musso & Frank’s, or the power of the vistas off Mulholland drive, it carries a special weight in the hearts of Angelenos. To go is to feel part of a community who live in the capital of art and entertainment, who can enjoy incredible movies under the stars and on the dewy grass next to the Paramount studios backlot and in perfect view of the Hollywood sign.

Of all the “LA things” you can do, going to Cinespia is one of the better ones.

So we took a look at Cinespia’s schedule and made a run down of the perfect products to pair with some of the bigger nights coming up at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this summer. Remember to get in line early and either rideshare or have a designated driver if you’re one of the many attendees partaking in cannabis and drinking wine and beer on the lawn.

All Night Slumber Party

While this triple-feature may have some exciting movies in the line up, and even have “slumber” in its name, you won’t want to miss a minute. Featuring, Never Been Kissed, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Jawbreaker, you’ll want to pull the all-nighter so you don’t miss a minute of that late-90s/early-2000s nostalgia.

That’s why we recommend the Terra Espresso Bites by Kiva. These little espresso beans not only have that caffeine kick you need to get you through the night, but are also covered in cannabis-infused chocolate. At 5mg THC per bean, you can take one and still enjoy the film without worrying about being too intoxicated during the scary parts of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

When Harry Met Sally

Considered one of the greatest rom-coms of all time, seeing When Harry Met Sally under the stars on a hot LA summer night is about as perfect a date night as you can imagine. So when you add Canndescent’s Connect vape pen, that’ll turn an already magical night into an even better bonding experience between you and your partner.

Moulin Rouge & Fireworks

The Baz Luhrman tour-de-visuals is a classic musical that can only be topped with fireworks and a complimentary Aperol Spritz. Relive those swooping angles and spectacular high notes in Hollywood Forever with the help of Sunday Goods’ Delight pen, which has a 10:1 THC:CBD ratio and the right terpene profile to bring you up and elevated for a delightful, fanciful, whimsical musical.

All images courtesy of Cinespia.