Five Ways to take a mini-vacay without leaving LA



Five Ways to take a mini-vacay without leaving LA

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The last thing anyone wants to do after a long work week is spent two hours staring at the bumper in front of them on the 405. And even if you take a couple days off to relax, the traffic alone can make you feel like you need another staycation from your staycation.

But it’s actually possible to unwind without needing to take a major trip.

There are numerous places in and around LA that provide wellness, relaxation, and detoxification to help get you back on track for the long work week.

If you’ve never experienced the rejuvenating properties of a sensory deprivation chamber or light therapy, you’ll want to check this out and give one a try:

Flowertown 5 Ways to Take a Mini Vacay Without Leaving LA

1. Float Lab

Located in the heart of Venice Beach, this sensory deprivation chamber promotes healing in an unconventional way. Imagine laying in a small pod filled with water, lights off and sound off, and just time to spend with yourself.

Float labs have become popular for encouraging guests to be present while enhancing their awareness of their own feelings, thoughts, and healing.

You can purchase multiple sessions or give one a try if it’s your first time.

Flowertown 5 Ways to Take a Mini Vacay Without Leaving LA

2. Sound Bath Center of Los Angeles

Sound has the ability to remove bad energy and replace it with the power of music. At this center, guests listen to gongs and singing bowls used to take them on a journey of self-discovery.

Feel the rejuvenation of sound wash over you as you relax to the “music” of practitioners using specific patterns to the tune of your healing needs.

Flowertown 5 Ways to Take a Mini Vacay Without Leaving LA

3. Burke Williams

When is the last time you took a trip to the spa?

It’s not an easy feat to find a spa in LA that lets you stay all day in their “resting” rooms with cucumbers over your eyes until closing. But Burke Williams does.

Their motto is all customer service. Guests love their Hunters retreat treatment that includes a 40-minute essential oil massage following an exfoliating body scrub.

With various Los Angeles locations, you can experience this treatment or one of their full day spa treatments.

4. The Ravens Spa

Taking a vacation to Thailand doesn’t have to involve a 14-hour flight. The Ravens Spa has two locations: Silverlake and Santa Monica. It’s best known for traditional spa massages that combine rhythmic massage and gentle stretching to bring healing and flow back into the body.

This spa is unique because they offer infrared sauna treatments, a rose quartz anti-ageing facial and acupuncture.

But what sets this spa apart is that they offer yoga sessions that can be booked before or after your spa session.

Flowertown 5 Ways to Take a Mini Vacay Without Leaving LA

5.  Sauna Bar

Red light therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss, acne, and chronic pain.

Never heard of it? Countries such as Japan, Canada, and parts of Northern Ireland have long sworn by this practice to heal illness and provide deep detoxification.

The experience includes sitting in an individual pod with a warm red infrared light washing over the body. A jade stone base prevents bacteria build up and ventilated pods deter overheating.