Brands to watch this Women’s Day



Brands to watch this Women’s Day

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Just a few years ago, cannabis marketers would tell you that women are less likely to consume cannabis. This misconception has since been debunked many times over, as the reality is women have been using cannabis as a secret weapon for centuries: Queen Victoria used cannabis to relieve cramps and morning sickness. Women in Ancient Egypt used their own iteration of “weed lube” to ease the pain of childbirth. In the 1930s, young Russian women used cannabis to ease the anxiety and pain that comes with “the first time.” So while many wrongly assume women are less interested in cannabis, history tells us otherwise.

Thankfully, the women in cannabis today are changing the industry for the better and crushing these old assumptions along the way. Here are a few female-led brands to watch this International Women’s Day.


Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin, Founders

Kikoko offers a variety of excellent cannabis-infused herbal teas for every occasion. Their organically sun-grown cannabis is blended with other natural herbs and plant medicines to enhance the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Their caffeine-free tea bags are sold in individual packets or a tin of ten. The best part of Kikoko is that they are unapologetically feminine and encourage women coming together. Interested in their message? Gather your best girlfriends and host a Kikoko High Tea Party.


Kristi Knoblich, Founder

When it comes to edibles, the founders of Kiva are true dose masters. They were one of the first brands on the market to offer reliable dosages, proving to everyone that edibles don’t have to be unpredictable. The company is not only committed to delivering delicious cannabis-infused confections, but also ensuring each product meets rigorous food safety standards beyond the general regulations. If you are looking for potency and consistency without damaging your lungs, Kiva is the brand for you. If you’re already a sucker for their chocolates or mints, check out Camino, their new line of cannabis-infused gummies.

Herba Buena

Alicia Rose, Founder & CEO

While Top Chef’s Casey Thompson named Herba Buena’s Quiver Sensual Oil “the best lube ever,” and SF Chronicle Green State called it “the best intimacy oil” yet, Herba Buena offers so much more than sensual oil. They also developed a unique variety of biodynamic whole flower preroll packs, including a “balanced CBD” version. With each product, Herba Buena is committed to serving those who look for cannabis products with “the same level of purity and quality as they’ve come to expect in their organic food and fine wine.”


Jenna Habayeb, Chief Marketing Officer

Canndescent changed the game when they entered the cannabis industry a few years back, as they were one of the first brands to build an effects-based system of classifying cannabis. While they made a name for themselves with their premium flower and pre-rolls, Canndescent recently entered the vape market too. Launched just last month, the Canndescent Stylus takes an exciting new approach to the vape pen with its incognito pen cap and sleek matte finish.


Christine Yi and Felicity Chen, Founders

Potli is the brand you want to see at your local farmers market, next to the kombucha on tap and homemade pasta. Potli offers artisan-quality additions to your pantry that are perfect to have on hand in the kitchen. Luckily, their hemp-infused extra virgin olive oil and raw honey are available in natural food stores and swanky matcha bars nationwide (and online). Always produced in small batches, Potli products encourage you to integrate high-quality ingredients into the recipes you love and inspire you to craft new ones too.

Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, Founders 

Whoopi & Maya made a name for themselves long before other female-centered brands were a glimmer in their CEO’s eye. A star-studded pair, founders Maya Elisabeth and Whoopi Goldberg created a brand focused on one thing and one thing only: making women feel better. Their line of tinctures, bath soaks, balms and raw cacao are all produced with the intention of providing natural relief to women suffering from chronic pain and menstrual discomfort.