How to snack healthy, and actually like it



How to snack healthy, and actually like it

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While we typically try to avoid the munchie cliches here, it’s hard for us to be honest and not talk about them. Cannabis can make you hungry, that’s just a fact. Some people may be more affected by this than others.

If you do find yourself checking the fridge for something that isn’t there, then checking the cabinets, and then looking back in the fridge thinking it may have magically appeared, we’ve prepared a quick, easy guide for you to use to make sure that you stay healthy and fit while getting your snack on.

Flowertown how to snack healthy and actually like it

To eat or not to eat?

When looking for a snack, aim for something that’s balanced, one that pairs a protein and fat with a carbohydrate (think apples with peanut butter, or even chips with sour cream dip).

This will make a snack with a low glycemic index. Even if you choose super unhealthy proteins and carbs, put together they’ll make you feel full sooner and stay with you longer.

Some foods are already balanced all on their own, such as nuts and nut butters, sweetened low-fat dairy products like yogurt, and hummus. It also helps to choose foods that are high in fiber, such as whole wheat breads, fruits and vegetables, or beans (and bean dips!).

By having healthy choices available to you around the house, you’re already halfway there. The next step is training your hand to move away from the Doritos and to something healthy instead.

If you’re craving sweets, try…

Halo Top diet ice cream – It’s high protein and shockingly delicious

Nonfat Greek yogurt – Buy it plain and mix it up with some fresh fruit and your favorite calorie-free sweetener

Flourless peanut butter mug cake – At 420 calories (no pun intended), it’s not a health food, but it’s got a low glycemic index so it will fill you up, and satisfy your need to shove a piece of cake in your face.

Cheesecake dip – Dig in with fresh fruits, graham crackers, or check the import foods section of your grocery store for digestive biscuits – they’re similar to graham crackers, but lower in carbs.

Flowertown how to snack healthy and actually like it

If you’re craving salty things, try…

Kale chips – Buy them retail for way too much money, or make your own. Preheat your oven to 250. Tear the leafy part of your bunch of kale off of the thick stalk and rip into bite-sized pieces.

In a large bowl, toss it in just enough olive oil to coat along with whatever seasonings you’d like. Spread it even on a sheet pan, and throw it in your oven for about a half an hour or until crispy and chip-like, tossing every 5-10 minutes or so.

Roasted chickpeas – Follow more or less the same procedure you used to make the kale chips, but with canned garbanzo beans/chick peas, and you wind up with a non-perishable snack that’s high fiber, balanced, and practically guilt free.

Popcorn – It’s a whole grain! Just opt for lightly buttered, and resist the urge to eat an entire bowl with snack-sized packages.

We know more than anyone that breaking bad habits is never easy, and learning new ones is even harder. But the myth (and stigma) that cannabis users get too stoned to not eat pizza is patently false.

For example, cannabis works remarkably well with a healthy diet. Additionally, many cannabis users consume the plant to help aid their strict exercise regimen.