Flowertown Favorites: 4/20 edition



Flowertown Favorites: 4/20 edition

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4/20 is here, folks. It’s the unofficial official cannabis holiday created by a group of Northern California teeangers who wanted to get high by a statue of Louis Pasteur outside their high school and find a mythical, abandoned cannabis crop.

Their set meeting time? You guessed it, 4:20pm.

What used to be an arbitrary hour has now the mega holiday of everyone who might possibly enjoy the benefits of the plant.

Much like how the Super Bowl of commercials is the, uh, Super Bowl, 4/20 is quickly turning into the Super Bowl of cannabis brands to roll out products or move into new markets. So we put together a list of our favorite newbies on this 4/20.

Read more below to find the hot, new product your friends don’t know about yet and celebrate 4/20 in style.

Canndescent Ready-to-Use Stylus

Canndescent, which already produces incredible pre-rolls, flower, and a rechargeable stylus, are now releasing their line of ready-to-use styluses (styli? Unfortunately the AP style guide hasn’t ventured into cannabis yet).

These will come in all of their patented “effects” (think: I want to feel Calm, I want to feel Creative, I want to feel Charged, etc…) and hold about 200 draws per pen.

These single-use styli (we still don’t know) look just as sleek, handsome, and fashionable as their rechargeable pen. But what else would you expect from the most stylish brand in cannabis?

1906 Love Tins

This Colorado edible company has won a Rocky-Mountain-high pile of awards for it’s intimacy-friendly line called Love, typically available as a bar.

These are now in a new, convenient tin packaging. While the standard chocolate brick is great for stocking stuffers or a Valentine’s Day card accompaniment, these tins and mini bites will keep perfectly in a night stand, right next to whatever other supplies you might need.

Get in on these Cosmopolitan Sexcellence award-winning edibles and get it on with your sweetheart like you never have before.

Saints Joints Outdoor Grow

The purveyors of fine pre-rolls out of Seattle have released a new line of packs that are all outdoor grown sativa and indica strains.

So if you’re into a much wider cannabinoid spectrum in your Clean Green Certified cannabis, pick up a pack of these stylish pre-rolls and wow your friends with some down-home, sun-kissed flower.

WYLD’s California Arrival

The celebrated Oregon brand has finally made its way to California. So while it may not be a new product line, it’s new to the folks up in NorCal.

WYLD, which makes amazing, little, sugar-coated gummies infused with cannabis, are not only great accompaniments to your summer hikes and camping trips, but also any BBQ or picnic you may be hitting up this season.

So grab yourself a box from your local dispensary, get some dirt under your feet and some sun on your skin.

Flowertown Favorites 420 Edition

Willie’s Remedy Double Strength CBD Coffee

If your morning routine is leaving you a little on edge, well then it might be time to mix it up with help from a Red-Headed Stranger. Willie Nelson’s cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve, also has Willie’s Remedy, which produces CBD-infused, high-end coffee.

They just released a double strength line that gets you about 15mg of CBD in an 8oz cup. So, if you’re anything like us and consider an 8oz cup o’ joe a half serving at the most, then you’ll be loaded up with CBD and caffeine to feel ready for the day without any of those anxious jitters.

And, if you’re still at a loss for great product and brands to load up on for 4/20, check out our favorite edibles, vape pens, and pre-rolls. Additionally, our dispensary finder is a great way to make sure you have access to the best, legal products available near you.