California and Nevada’s best hot springs



California and Nevada’s best hot springs

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Hot springs are Mother Nature’s jacuzzi.

That might not be an objective truth, but we like to consider it so.

Warm, nutrient-rich mineral water gently seeping into mud-filled pools. Soaking in these is a great way to promote circulation and calm achy muscles. The kicker? They’re usually set against some of the most unforgettable views the American West has to offer.

Its no wonder more people are soaking their stresses away. Naturally, we are too. So we’ve put together a guide of some of the best hot springs California and Nevada have to offer.

While cannabis may be recreationally legal in Nevada (as well as California) crossing state lines is still federally prohibited. That being said, enjoying some of our favorite edibles while soaking up a natural hot spring sounds like one of the best ways to enjoy such a beautiful and natural escape.

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Mammoth Lakes, CA

These cozy mineral springs are part of a long list of reasons why you should stop by this mountainous ski town the next time you’re cruising down Highway 395 (one of the most picturesque in the country).

Easy access is provided via a pleasant quarter mile walk along an elevated wooden walkway surrounded by sagebrush and high country scenery.

The soothing series of nutrient-filled baths are comfortable front row seats to beautiful panorama views of dramatic mountain ranges you can’t find anywhere else.

Remington Hot Springs

Bodfish, CA

The Remington Hot Springs are a terrestrial slice of heaven.

These three man-made pools sit on the wildflower banks of the peaceful Kern River as a great spot to relax your body and mind. What makes Remington special is the charming homemade artwork that adorns this lazy haven.

Look specifically for the colorful stones etched with messages built into the baths as you steep in sizzling, clear blue waters. Additionally, these hot springs are free and well kept by a group of generous individuals, which makes for an inviting and creative retreat.

Saline Valley Warm Springs

Death Valley, CA

Deep in Death Valley National Park you can find the Saline Valley Warm Springs, a beautifully remote oasis and one of California’s best mineral soaks.

Consisting of three springs, two of which are developed with rock pools and showers, this sanctuary includes bountiful camping space and spectacular mountain range views.

These springs are the perfect spot to take a tranquil dip set against a picturesque backdrop. Be forewarned, the road to this desert rose is long and rocky, so come prepared.

Spencer Hot Springs

Austin, NV

Escape to this geothermal hot spot located off the “Loneliest Road in America,” Highway 50, for a cleansing soak with captivating scenery.

Hosting three bathing pools, the Spencer Hot Springs are an open secret, yet rarely crowded due to its isolated location. However, the visitors it has attracted have added their own welcomed improvements to the site such as steel tubs, wood platforms and a temperature-control pipe system.

Soak in peace as wild burros mill about and watercolor sunsets and sunrises stretch across the desert sky.

Carson Hot Springs

Carson City, NV

When in Nevada and looking for an easy, family-friendly soak, look no further than the Carson Hot Springs.

This historical landmark was once frequented by Mark Twain and boasts the second purest water available in the world according to the University of Nevada.

Its clean and well-maintained facility consists of a large, 115-degree Fahrenheit recreational pool along with numerous private poolrooms available at varied temperatures. Best of all, the water is so clean there’s hardly a trace of that noxious sulfur hot spring smell.

Arizona Hot Springs

Boulder City, NV

Tucked away on the Nevada side of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and just south of the Hoover Dam, are these jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring baths.

The six-mile round-trip hike is long and strenuous, but not without its incredibly worthwhile reward. The taxing journey will lead you to three-tiered hot pool paradise wedged between a secluded and shaded slot in a multihued volcanic canyon.

Take a much-deserved rest in the tranquil, detoxifying waters and pinch yourself as you listen to the echo of water running down the colorful canyon walls.

If cruising through California and Nevada’s deserts to soak up the warm waters, check out this coastal tour that brings you all the way from the Emerald Triangle down to Los Angeles where you can rent a revamped camper for a great staycation.