Crazy cannabis products



Crazy cannabis products

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The first great example of infusion was when seventeenth-century Portuguese sailors added brandy to their red wine so it lasted longer on long trips across the Atlantic to the New World, henceforth inventing sangria.

Since then, mixing products to improve on originals has seemingly become hardwired in our DNA. How else to explain rose-added facial toner, garlic olive oil, mint tea and fruit-infused everything?

It seems inevitable that products of all stripes are now eyeing cannabis as the next big infusion; however, not as a flavor, scent, or taste additive but as a wellness enhancer.

Cannabis has long been added to various foodstuffs to ease ingestion, and nearly five thousand years ago cannabis tea was promoted for its benefits in China. Today’s entrepreneurs, though, are using cannabis in creative—and unexpected—new ways.

Cannabis tampons

True, the branding is a bit of a misnomer. But these vaginal suppositories—designed to be used with traditional tampons—are proving to be a miracle cure for women looking for relief from menstrual cramps and related back pain. Manufactured by Foria, the suppository—made of cocoa butter, distilled THC oil, and CBD isolate grown from organic hemp—takes away pain without giving women a psychotropic high, so they are suitable for work or anywhere else.

Personal lubricant

We, just as much as anyone else, are curious about the future of sex and cannabis. Potentially an aphrodisiac, THC-infused lubricants won’t make you raid the refrigerator or go for the Funyuns, but they will induce a warm, relaxed sensation in the area where used, along with reported heightened sensations.

Chewing gum

AXIM Biotechnologies has developed the Canchew Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gum, specifically created for dental issues and infused with CBG. The cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties can help people with tooth pain, swollen gums, or other dental problems. Since CBG is a known bone stimulant, it could theoretically help reverse the damage caused by cavities.

Tattoo ink and balms

There are numerous cannabis-infused lotions and balms designed to minimize post-tattoo inflammation and discomfort. The applications also help protect new ink from the sun’s UV light. There is also a hemp-infused ink sold by S8, which says its product is safe for all skin types, vegan, and was never tested on animals. Win-win-win.

Flowertown Infusion Madness Some of the most bizarre cannabis infusions

Coca-Cola (maybe)

Coca Cola announced it is considering producing a medicinal beverage infused with cannabis in hopes of boosting falling soda sales. The soda behemoth is reportedly in talks with Canada’s Aurora Cannabis about collaborating on a beverage. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time the brand used plant medicines; they got their start infusing coca leaves into the beverage before changing it to the formula we know and love today.

While these may be some of the more bizarre cannabis infusions, they are some timeless classics, most notably great edibles. Take a look at some of our favorites, which could be a new addition to your healthy diet.