CBD water: holy or hoax?



CBD water: holy or hoax?

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The list of CBD-infused products grows longer and longer each day. Tinctures and lotions have been succeeded by the likes of CBD infused dog treats, beard oil, and water.

Yes, even water. Brands like CBD Living and Quantum are combining the health benefits of cannabidiol with the main substance we need to survive: water. CBD water is touted as the latest fountain of youth, but does it really live up to the hype?

What is CBD water?

Flowertown CBD H20 Holy water or trendy hoax

CBD extraction from hemp or cannabis plants can take many forms, but the process for “water-soluble” tinctures and beverages often utilizes an emulsifier to keep CBD particles from grouping together. These emulsifiers, even when natural, need flavor to cover them up–hence the large presence of CBD juices on the market.

When it comes to getting CBD molecules to play nice with water without losing that H20 flavor (or lack thereof), the same overall process occurs. The CBD is broken down into tiny nanoparticles and then encased in similarly sized water particles. This allegedly makes the CBD more bioavailable (easier for your body to absorb) than if it were in oil, so the low doses should provide the same effects of oils up to 10 times as potent.

Companies use all sorts of methods to break down CBD, from heat to sound waves. Typically, vitamins, enzymes, or terpenes are also added to the water for increased benefits. The water ideally has a 7.4 pH value to match the water in our bodies.

What does CBD water do?

Since CBD water incorporates the power of CBD, manufacturers have laid claim to the full spectrum of benefits. In reality, people who regularly drink CBD water mostly note less muscle soreness after workouts, more restful sleep, and a mixed bag when it comes to anxiety.

What brands of CBD water can I trust?

There’s increasing competition in this space, but only a few brands seem to yield fairly consistent results.

CannaNano CBD Water is akin to an alkaline Smart Water with CBD and it comes in a regular and plus potency.

Last but not least, CBD Living Water is the most popular of the bunch and sits at 7.4 pH.