Five bucket list yoga retreats



Five bucket list yoga retreats

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The history of yoga stems far past the borders of America. Rooted in India, yoga is a practice that grew up internationally.

So it makes sense that most yogis possess some form of wanderlust, oftentimes exacerbated by incorporating the practice into their travels. After, what’s better than shavasana after a long flow? Shavasana with ocean waves in the background.

So why not turn your next yoga retreat into a vacation?

We’ve curated a list of fantastic locations that will feed your inner need for relaxation while also calling you to your higher purpose in your yoga practice.


Thailand is known for affordable, beautiful, tropical travel. Dazzling islands and exciting city adventures make Thailand a go-to destination for vacations.

Absolute Sanctuary Yoga boasts unlimited yoga classes and meditation sessions. Meals are provided 3 times a day, and all accommodations are covered under one set price.

Guests have the option of adding massages to their packages and can adjust their stays to 7 days or more depending on travel needs.

While on Ko Sumai island in Thailand make sure to check out Chaweng beach, a beautiful tropical hangout that will allow you to get away from the group to recharge.


What’s better than chicken soup for the soul? Some beachfront yoga.

Soul Shine Bali is a yoga retreat oasis that matches luxury with the spiritual tranquillity of yoga practice. Breathe deep into your present moment while in Ubud, a tropical setting that transitions you into the rainforest of Bali.

This yoga retreat is famous for nourishing meals and adventure with local attractions like the Jalan Monkey Forest and the Puri Lukisan Museum.

Another great perk is that you don’t have to choose one retreat. This location offers multiple renditions that are hosted by different practitioners all focused on various aspects of yoga practice.


Looking for a more fast-paced, urban yoga retreat but still the luxury of massages and top of the lines meals? Purple Valley Yoga is the answer to your holistic prayers.

Located in the city of Goa, this retreat is near markets and local shopping, so you don’t have to venture far to get a taste of the local community.

This yoga retreat prides itself on a quiet location that is perfect for leisure and tranquillity. After a long day dedicated to your study enjoy a body scrub and fresh fruit massage or a traditional Ayurvedic treatment.


With raves reviews, Jakes Hotel enjoys oceans views in studio style rooms. Located in Calabash Bay, the retreat offers daily bike riding, swimming, and TRX fitness.

Your stay also includes full access to the Sports Park which has tennis courts, basketball courts, and ropes courses.

Chefs at the Jakes cook specialty foods based on your dietary needs using locally grown foods from farms no more than 25 miles from the hotel.

An added perk? Your practice works around your schedule. So if you are an early starter, you can begin your day with sunrise training or start after lunch if you can’t bend and breathe without coffee first.

Costa Rica

Surf, yoga, and wildlife in Santa Teresa Costa Rica will give you your biggest bang for your buck. With huge discounts depending on the season of your travel, you could enjoy a yoga retreat with serious vacation vibes for under $1500 USD.

If you love surfing, no matter your level, you can enjoy morning surf excursions before your afternoon yoga sessions.

Experience Costa Rica wildlife with horseback riding or a canopy tour in Malpais that can easily be added to your package.

While cannabis may only be legal in Costa Rica and Jamaica (of these countries) that doesn’t mean that the plant can’t be infused into your recovery back stateside (or your practice here at home).

In fact, more and more athletes have begun using cannabis as a way to elevate their practices and get more out of their mind, body, and soul. Just like how yoga intended.

Take a look at how you can start using cannabis to help you recover and perform better your yoga classes.