Plant people and the plant-based movement



Plant people and the plant-based movement

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Since the debut of Food, Inc., being more mindful of our food consumption and looking for plant-based solutions has become more a growing trend. Since then more movies – such as Cowspiracy and Okja – have gone on to critical acclaim and adoration.

It’s nothing new that our natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, and physical well-being have been negatively affected by animal-product production and consumption. There’s now more awareness than ever about the negative aspects of using animal products.

Naturally, that’s filtered into the cannabis sector. An industry based on a green plant, it’s easy to see how a company like Plant People is gaining huge volumes of supporters by supplying quality products made entirely out of, well… plants.

Tell me more about these Plant People…

Plant People are among the many who have adopted the plant-based movement as a driving force behind their products. Their high-performance CBD-infused products are non-GMO, organic, and non-psychoactive. They range from balms that reduce stress to cold pressed olive oil ready to be added to a great cannabis-infused meal.

This brand — like many other plant-based brands — believe in products that infuse proven natural ingredients like cannabinoids to heal common ailments in the body. Their mission is to treat people through the power of plants.

Flowertown Plant People How a cannabis company is leading the plant based movement

So why didn’t we start doing this years ago?

Being plant-based isn’t a new idea.

The idea behind the paleo diet is that early humans survived mostly on animals and plants with little consumption of grain. But there is evidence that counters this theory, suggesting that early humans did not eat as much meat as they did fruits, vegetables, and grains.

In America, the alarm around eating meat dates back to Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle, which exposed alarming findings of America’s meatpacking practices. In the ‘60s, vegetarianism was a concept considered exclusively part of being ‘tree-hugging hippies.’

But as society became more aware of the conditions in which animals were treated for products and food use, animal rights groups began advocating for people to stop using animal products in all forms.

Documentaries like Super-Size Me and the afore-mentioned Food, Inc. became more popular in the early 2000s as a means to reveal evidence that suggested the foods we were eating (mostly animal-based) led to various forms of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Flowertown Plant People How a cannabis company is leading the plant based movement

A plant-based future

With more awareness comes change. In recent years it hasn’t been hard to find non-animal tested products on the market. This lifestyle coincides with using organic products and now non-gmo products.

Many proponents find that going plant-based is contributing to a healthier environment due to statistics that suggest we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28%.

With clear evidence showing that global-warming is depleting the earth’s resources day-by-day, this change in lifestyle could slow down some of the damaging effects.

Even celebrities like Beyonce and Madonna are advocating that people make the change — if it’s just for a short period of time. Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics is a major advocate for it and supports his grueling NBA schedule on an exclusively plant-based diet.

While making the switch to being plant-based permanently may be a drastic change, it’s often recommended to start with a specific day of the week (Meatless Mondays) or a time period with a certain end. That will allow you to make a decision when it’s over.

Additionally, going more plant-based in the way you eat provides a great opportunity to add cannabis to your diet. While the many forms of consumption have evolved over time, cooking with cannabis has always been an effective and healthy method.