Nature’s pharmacy: How cannabis combats allergies



Nature’s pharmacy: How cannabis combats allergies

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Allergies have an annoying way of inhabiting that discomfort zone between “too sick to work” and “this just makes everything worse.” You can’t really call out sick because of allergies, but the issue will make any menial task feel Herculean.  

While you may have tried every Neti Pot, Benadryl, over the counter, or holistic chakra remedy you can find, the sinuses are still clogged and you still have to go through your day.  

Well, we have great news for you: Whether your allergies are seasonal or triggered by certain allergens, cannabis is here to help.  

Get ready to use nature’s pharmacy to get rid of those pesky sinuses. 

Allergies vs. cannabis

You probably know this by now, but cannabinoids are your friends, especially when it comes to inflammation. When your body is ready to puff up in all the wrong places, cannabinoids prevent you from producing inflammatory cytokines. 

Though CBD is the latest supplement wunderkind, strains high in CBD aren’t the only ones going to bat for your airways. Hybrids — in this context, a mix of CBD and THC — provide the much sought after “entourage effect” while THC-heavy strains have special uses as well.


What types of allergy sufferers benefit the most?

It should be noted that what we know about how cannabis tackles allergies is limited to airborne allergens. As far as the medical community is concerned, your food allergies can’t be waved away with a vaporizer pen. 

But there’s been anecdotal evidence that CBD-heavy topicals can work wonders against poison ivy and other skin irritations, such as hives.


For hay fever and pet dander, you’ll want to stick with hybrids (CBD and THC), but you can lean more into the CBD side of things if you have a busy day ahead.  

Interestingly, for asthma, you’ll want to go as all-in as possible on potent THC or CBD strains, not the ones containing an equal ratio of the two.  

The best methods for fast relief

Okay, so you’re sold on cannabis, but, as you should know, the method of ingestion counts when it comes to how your endocannabinoid system reacts.  

The last thing you want in your lungs right now is smoke. Vaporizer pens aren’t a bad alternative, but they are still not the ideal solution for irritating a compromised system.  

Flowertown allergies helped with medical cannabis

Instead, you should consume your cannabis via tincture or edible. Scores of CBD tinctures are available online, but you’ll have to head to your local dispensary to find hybrids or THC dominant products.  

No one wants to go through their daily ritual under the stress of allergies, and you certainly don’t want to waste a weekend recovering indoors. Using cannabis to help combat the effects will help you get back on your feet, so you don’t miss a workoutroad trip, or that party you’ve been looking forward to all week.