Is cannabis the secret to beating any hangover?



Is cannabis the secret to beating any hangover?

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Hangovers are No Match for… Cannabis?

It’s noon on a Sunday. You’ve slept past your alarm, your head is pounding, and you have that queasy feeling in your stomach that suggests just one thing… you have a hangover.

Aside from trying not to lose last night’s meal all over your bathroom floor, the first thing you want is to cure your symptoms as quickly as possible. Searching online, you’ll find solutions like drinking more alcohol, eating super fatty foods, or doing some extra strenuous workout (get that trashcan ready).

But according to research, using cannabis to cure a hangover might be a more natural way to combat the symptoms. Besides, it’s not the fun night out that is the problem; it’s the after effects that resulted from one too many Moscow Mules.

The headache, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety and restlessness you feel when you have a hangover are a result of one major culprit: dehydration.

Sure, we have all had our moments when we forget that we haven’t had enough water by the time we are well into our third drink. Dehydration has a myriad of symptoms and when combined with alcohol, those effects are maximized to the tenth degree.

Cannabis is changing the way we treat hangover symptoms by offering a more immediate and holistic solution.

The Science of The Cure

In a wide variety of case studies on humans and animals, it’s proven that cannabinoids are useful in the regulation of nausea and the prevention of vomiting. Cannabidiol (CBD) is also just as beneficial for suppressing an upset stomach.

For a headache and body aches, cannabis is clinically proven to reduce both symptoms within hours of them occurring.

Combine a microdose of cannabis with a megadose of water, and you can skip the Tylenol (which can actually cause more liver damage and increase dehydration).

So where do you begin? We’ve created a quick guide.

Hangover Remedy Guide

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Once you wake up with a hangover there isn’t much you want to do. But the first step in curing your ailment is to reach for your favorite flower–preferably a sativa strain or CBD hybrid. Both will manage your symptoms without adding to the heavy feeling in your head and body. Of course, don’t overdo it. Try a small dose and periodically check to see how your body is managing.

Pro Tip: Consider purchasing a cannabis-infused herbal tea which can provide a soothing alternative to your morning coffee.

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Keep a good amount of water next to your bed. Sip the water slowly. If you have a low-sugar energy drink try drinking that as well to incorporate electrolytes back into your body.

Flowertown hangovers


Within 30 minutes the cannabis healing properties should settle in and within 1 hour is a good time to eat a meal. You’ll want to avoid eating food that is too heavy, so try something high in healthy-fat (think avocados or nut butter) with complex carbs to help bring your blood sugar levels back to normal.

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Resting is the fastest way to healing. When you give your body time to rest you speed up your bodies natural regenerative properties. Of course, rest should come with periodic doses of the aforementioned remedies on the list.

Planning Your Next Night Out

Of course, no one plans to get hungover. But before heading to this Friday’s happy hour, consider taking some precautions before diving into your next drink head first.

  • Be sure to drink water during the daytime or have a glass in between drinks.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach; try to have a heavy meal before beginning the night.
  • Be mindful of how much you’re drinking and if possible, keep cannabis on deck for the morning after.

All in all, have tons of fun. But also know that for the nights where the fun gets too carefree, cannabis can be your first line of defense against a hangover.