FT Favorites: the best vapes and edibles to take hiking & camping



FT Favorites: the best vapes and edibles to take hiking & camping

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While we may be in the later days of summer, wildfire season is still in full swing. Thankfully, this year in California we haven’t heard nearly the amount of devastating blazes as in the past (knock on wood). But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the weeds yet, as the Santa Ana winds start to blow in October, they’ll provide the fuel for those debilitating fires we’ve had in the past as the land sits bone dry from a long, hot, rainless summer.

So as you enjoy your late summer/early autumn hikes in the Golden State, make sure to do your part to keep any open flame away from these parched lands that you’ve grown to love. That doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the benefits of cannabis, which is oftentimes best enjoyed outside.

So we made a list of our favorite flame-free products to take with you on your next sojourn to heed the call of the mountains. Just remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.


Leune – Desert Gold

This sativa-leaning hybrid disposable vape pen is great for any sunny day hike where you need just a little extra oomph to get over those switch backs. With flavors of mango and peach, it’s also a great accompaniment for any BBQ. Remember if you pack it in, to pack it out – vapes won’t biodegrade any time soon.


Pressies – Energy

It takes a lot of energy to crush 14ers out in the Rocky Mountains. This little pill from Pressies can help you with that. With 90mg B-vitamins, 100mg ginseng, a dash of caffeine, and a hint of 10mg THC, you’ll be flying up every mountain you find.

Kikoko – Buzz Honeyshot

If you’re looking for a little pep in your step then this shot of honey is exactly what you need. With 10mg THC per stick, you can elevate any day with sweetness and high quality cannabis. Pack one of these on your hike and enjoy it with a vista and a hard-earned PB&J at the top.

Canndescent – Calm

For when you’re sitting around the fire pit after a long day of hiking and jumping in newly-discovered swimming holes, this is the perfect replacement for the dehydrating bottle of whiskey. Just make sure you put out that fire before you doze off under the stars and to pack out the vape pen when you’re done.